Engraving cylinder objects

I would love to hear from those who’ve had success with carving vases, bottles, etc

You can’t “carve” them. You can only etch the surface – the laser makes tiny cracks in the glass surface, causing it to turn cloudy. Also, they have to be less than 2" in diameter to fit under the head. That said, people have done some beautiful stuff. There are lots of examples here in the forum; it’s worth the time it takes to do some searching!


This is probably the post along these lines that has impressed me the most:

Also, here’s a general search to get you started: Search results for 'engraving on glass' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Thank you!

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the laser is pretty forgiving with curved surfaces, and someone here (posted above) did a COOL hack where you can engrave rods, etc. so there is a lot of flexibility in that 2" workspace…

but there ARE SOME CRAZY people on here, who go the ‘next step’ (like ME!)


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