Engraving different colors of the proofgrade acrylic

I’m planning on making an acrylic version of the retro boom box phone amp but how do you the max amount of detail? I see in the build video for this item, that the person used some type of paint to fill in the engravings. What was the paint? What was used to clean off the paint? What type of glue is best to be used on acrylic?

The laser cuts a perfect painting mask through the cover, and any rattle-can spray paint will work, then just pull the mask. No clean up.
For bonding, look at this solvent. Fast evaporating that melts the acrylic, so it is welded together.


An oil paint stick was used in the video. I tracked some down on Amazon and love the results.
oil paint sticks
Used here on a font sample - with gold, copper, and silver:
And yes, I too like Papyrus…


what brand did you use? I’m searching through amazon and there is too many choices. Also, what did you use to clean up the outer parts of the engraving?

As they are not cheap, I bought just 3 sticks: gold, silver and copper.
Jack Richeson 121608 Shiva Oil Paintstik, Iridescent Gold/Silver and Copper, Set of 3


After you smear it all into the engraving, you can just wipe the outsides with a tissue and then finish wiping it with an alcohol wipe.

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sweet! thanks for the help!!!