Engraving Gold Wedding Utensils

Hi there! I was asked to engrave a name on this wedding utensils. I don’t know much about the settings.
1.How would you lay this down to engrave: any tape to hold down, portrait, landscape, etc.
2. What settings should I use: what would the settings be, 1x or 2x
3. Any type of materials do I need to spray the utensils before engraving: coating, etc.

Thanks for your help and let me know if you need more information.

The Glowforge cannot engrave these items. You can use a marking material like CerMark which will enable you to place black markings. CO2 lasers cannot engrave any metal. Perhaps it would be better to take this type of item to a jeweler for engraving.


Metal dissipates heat to fast from CO2 lasers for them to be able to engrave. You would have to look at something like a fiber laser for metal or finding work around with CO2 lasers. Here are posts on other options: Search results for 'metal' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Thank you VERY MUCH for letting me! My husband just asked if it would be okay to score instead of engraved?

The answers @dklgood and @MyDogsThinkImCrazy gave you are going to apply to scoring the same as engraving. A C02 laser is not going to make any ‘dent’ in metal via engraving or scoring such as it does in acrylic or wood.

Many new users also do not seem to grasp that a ‘score’ is just a less powerful ‘cut’. So if it is not safe to cut a material, you can not score it either, or vis versa.

If you have not already done so, pease go through the First Prints tutorials as it is very helpful with learning about the different settings, using different materials, manual modes and more:



Everyone’s advice here is great and accurate. For a bit more detailed information about things you can do with metal you might like #11 here:

It expands a bit on the things people have already mentioned, like marking substances.


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