Engraving in Passthrough , Large sign

Did you sign up for the Passthrough beta test? If so, it would be very easy…if you are trying to do it manually, it’s going to be a little bit more challenging.

There is a tutorial for using Inkscape to do it here.

Study the instructions, make sure you follow all of them, especially the notes at the end, and when you break it up into segments …you can break it up into two segments of eight inches and one of nine inches. But when you are assigning the text to one section or another, do not split the text. Move the entire letter into one section or the other, so that when the file is processed, you will not have splits across the letters. You should have just about enough leeway to pull that off. When you feed it through, it’s going to go in vertically, so you’re going to rotate the whole design 90°.

And do yourself a big favor and test it a couple of times on cheap plywood or cardboard, using the correct settings for the material. You can use a very low LPI value (75 or less) to get a very rapid engrave to check the placement, and it won’t take forever to process. But you’ll need to practice that a couple of times, so best not on your expensive material.