Engraving line ordering

A couple things here if I understand your question fully.

I looked closely at @takitus’s engravings at Maker Faire. The edges of his engravings were much better than what I have been able to produce. Some of that is his skill with image processing but a great deal of it has to do with the machine he got, which while having some major issues did a better job at the edges of an engrave or engraving vertical lines to be straight. So yes, with a magnifying glass, you might be able to see where the engrave lines are, but at the highest lines per inch, it is amazing the crispness of the edge.

Seeing this engraving IRL doubled my excitement for a production Glowforge.

Once the lower power settings profile gets pushed, the scores will be able to clean up an edge even more at a lower resolution engrave. That is the feature you seem to be asking about to eliminate any aliasing at the edges of curves.

I think engraving is always in raster mode, but the low power vector score is always possible for edge definition.

Not sure what the tradeoffs will be if you are doing something like a six point or lower text engrave. But some insanely crisp detail is possible even at that small a text size.