Pre-Release | A little engraving fix for you guys on this holiday


Did it just to see how it came out. Recorded a time lapse for you guys. Enjoy!

After some selective weeding:

The naysayers are being converted!
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Engraving line ordering

Oh. My. Gosh. Wiping drool off my keyboard as we speak.


First thing that comes to mind is Legends of the Hidden Temple. Looks nice. How long did it take?


34 mins


Woow :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: It looks awesome even if not a 3d engraveo, only how detailed is it is incredible :grinning:


Woof! :upside_down:


Absolutely fabulous!! Thanks for posting!!


Did some selective weeding on it!


Just need a shot from a somewhat oblique angle to highlight the depth and post it on FB :smile:


Better then the one FS laser makes at demos .


Are you planning on taking off all the masking? I’m interested in seeing it all removed, it looks like this came out really good! (You can use a piece of Gorilla tape or something sticky to remove small bits fast).

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I like it with the masking like this, but I’ll happily cut another one to remove all of it. Gimme a few mins =)



How big is it? (Sorry if you mentioned it in the video, I haven’t watched it yet.)




Yeah, this definitely looks cool too. We haven’t printed this design here (as far as I know, we usually do our own designs). I’m curious how it came out!


its cutting now… sooooon!


One epic coaster :smiley:


The detail on this is just amazing. And I’ve just spend the day engraving plain old stars. Love the video!


so now I know why you outsourced this operation… the weeding is insanity lol. tape tip definitely helped. getting closer…


Here ya go. A few of the tiny little dots broke when weeding out all the masking, but it’d be hard to even notice.

Turned out looking great!