Engraving of silicone baby bib

Hi there

I was trying to engrave a baby silicon bib and wasn’t able to do so … its says 100% food grade silicon…

Anyone tried it ?

I trtried the settings as on the picture but it didn’t work

Help ?

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Yes people have (this one for instance), doing a search for “silicon” will get you other examples.

Can you be more specific about “didn’t work”
Didn’t make a mark at all?
Made a mark but you didn’t like how it looked - too hard to see, not clean, something else?
Cut too far through?

A picture of your fail might help :slight_smile:


Did you use the set focus tool? As requested above, more information and/or a photo would be helpful.

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I made the same bib for my nephew a while back and it turned out great. Settings are the same as for apple watch band if it is truly a silicone bib. The outcome will look funky at first but you have to wash it after engraved. Here is a good tutorial for the apple bands and is the same for the bibs. Tutorial: Engraved Apple Watch Band with Settings - Made with Forge