Engraving on a Glass Tile from Lowe's $2

I have seen someone post about this and I cannot find the post…I wanted to thank them for the inspiration, because it’s downright wonderful! I was able to buy one piece at a time for $2 each and make personalized plaques for my son and his friends.

The trick is making your artwork backwards and engraving on the BACK of the tile. There is some sort of backing on the tile that interacts with the laser causing it to appear on the front of the tile in black which gives an absolutely wonderful contrast. They have different colors…white, beige, gray…and I think more are coming soon. These are GLASS tiles not stone or ceramic. They need to be clear for this to work.
I started with GF thick draftboard setting then changed the LPI to 225 and the speed to 800.
This is the best thing ever. You cannot engrave a photo on there, but you can use clipart, artwork, wording, etc. Enjoy!


Oh look! Another rabbit hole! I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! Pretty dang cool.


Wonderful job.


Thank you


Those look amazing. What settings did you use for this?

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It’s been a minute since I did those, but I’m pretty sure I just used the medium acrylic engrave standard settings.


I have done some others as well, and the settings I wrote down were

Speed :1000
Power: Full
Grayscale: Vary Power
Lines Per Inch: 340


What was your power? Full?

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Thank you for posting the instructions.

This technique has a multitude of possibilities. I can see vintage advertising engraved and using the tiles for a bathroom or kitchen.

Engrave 6-10 and use them to serve hors d’oeuvres or canapés for a cocktail party. Asian engravings for sushi or sashimi. Whimsical Alice in Wonderland engravings —-then use the tiles to serve petit fours for a afternoon tea party.

Engrave the name of someone add the word kitchen ( Miss Betty’s Kitchen ) — a custom gift to be used as a spoon rest. Toss in the dishwasher after use.

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What sort of prep work did you do to the pictures before engraving? That’s the process where I keep getting hung up. Any sort of direction would be GREATLY appreciated.

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These are wonderful! I love Outlander as well. Thanks for sharing!

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how did you do that sorry for asking i’m new to this

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I honestly didn’t do anything to these. Just a happy accident. These were hand drawing images.


These were hand drawing images, the tile just cheap glass tile with a white backing on them . Engraved on the back on the backing.


How did you get the words dark?

The white backing “paint” turns black when lasered.

ok, thank you! Mine didn’t, it stayed clear looking

The first one is it engraved on the back and mirrored, then the second is engraved on the front without the mirror.

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Make sure it’s got the white painted backing. If it doesn’t turn black, turn up the power or reduce the speed. I’ve used these from way back in the first pre-production unit days.