Engraving on Small Objects

Hey It seems that I tend to have difficulty with engraving on small objects like pendants that I am doing. From what I see on the screen tends not to be the placement of where the object is actually engraving. I know there is an error window of maybe .5 inch for objects but these pendants are very tiny so the smallest bit of inacuracies make a difference. In the past I would mask object and do a light engrave just on the tape, then i would look on the screen and calculate how off it was from where i placed the object and when doing the full engrave “go right 10 , up 7” for example to compensate for the error. Is there a better way that anyone knows of to get more percise measuring for the engrave for tiny objects like pendants and dog tags?

  1. Run the camera calibration tool to improve the placement
  2. Use set focus feature to get an accurate height of the material
  3. Use a jig
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As others have said, run the lid camera calibration and use the set focus tool. I have been able to engrave on the stem of a golf tee using these two tools. Being off .5" is not normal.

The recalibration and auto focus worked perfect! So happy for the feedback this saved me much headache and reprinting.


I’m so glad to hear that helped! If you run into any other trouble, please start a new thread or email us at support@glowforge.com. Happy printing!