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I just rec’d my GF last week and I’m trying to get the hang of it. Still using the materials they sent with the initial delivery. But, when I engrave on the PG medium maple plywood (using default settings), the engraved parts rub off easily, leaving patches of discoloration. Is there a way to avoid that? Is there a better wood option for engraving? Or can I seal it with something to prevent it?


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Most char is just that and when the is no masking or on long engraves the vaporized smoke comes back as sticky gunk and there are several ways to get rid of it as it is just sitting there and not attached much as you discovered when it comes off on your hand.

Beneath that the wood is darkened and there is a very large range by species and in even the grain being darker in the summer wood. Many folk like that and leave it there, but before you remove the masking you can hit it with black spray paintmaking sure it does not leak under the masking. or if there is a question of that a clear spray first,

I have used the spray when the natural is unacceptable as it is often in non-PG plywoods, but beneath all the thin PG plywoods is the same MDF that will always be the same result. this is a design I had to remask and cut when the plys under the top were very bad and I used the rubberized black over the background,


Welcome @funkyfrogcreativedes. Managing the char or burn residue is something to learn about. There are lots of ways to mitigate it, remove it, or minimize it.

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