Engraving popsicle sticks

Hi all,

I am trying to engrave images on popsicle sticks (4-1/2" length, 2 mm thick, 10 mm width) and tried the settings on this page: Glowforge SETTINGS - Google Sheets

However, the engraving is really poor quality (too deep, not clear, etc.) and I’ve tried so many other combinations of power, speed, etc… I am fairly new to engraving so if anyone has engraved this material recently, I’d greatly appreciate any tips/recommendations.

Thank you!

Just as a tip, I would start with a proofgrade setting for a similar wood. For example, maple veneer is thin, so if you’re engraving using that setting, it won’t be burning too deep. Also, don’t forget to set focus over the material before sending to print. If the engraving isn’t dark enough, don’t move the popsicle stick, just run the print job again.

I usually start with proofgrade settings and adjust from there (though normally I don’t have to adjust, most of the time is just works out for me).


For not clear - check that your lens is not accidentally installed upside down and use set focus to get the focus correct.

For too deep increase speed and/or reduce power.


What @CMadok said
They’ve made a number of changes to settings over the years and there’s no telling when the ones were added to that sheet.

Popsicle sticks are most commonly made from Baltic Birch - I find the Basswood settings do a nice job. If you want a nice deep engrave use SD Graphic, if you want a surface discolouration with nothing deep, go for Draft Photo (and maybe punch the LPI up to 270 if it’s too light).


^^^This! I know some users swear by the spreadsheet, but there’s just no way of knowing when a setting was last updated (or if it really worked for that matter). The only tests I trust are the ones I run.


I still love the spreadsheet - as a starting point to using @evansd2 tests! but yeah, mostly I use PG settings for anything that’s even close to a matching PG material :slight_smile:

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Test all the things.


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