Engraving really off

Ok, what is going on? Look at how off it is… What is going on!?! And my engraving settings were high, why is it so faint? … s74293876_772318936541654_5948631452735242240_n igh…

Have you run through the camera calibration? It helped me greatly when it comes to setting things accurately in the bed. What settings are you using for this?
Here is the link to the re calibration steps.


Thank you! I’ll have to try that.

Any time hope it helps. What settings are you using for your engrave? i might be able to help there as well. You could take a screenshot of the settings in the glowforge UI if you want.

Oh, right I forgot to check. I am 99.9% sure it was this setting.

also, maybe you can help me with another question? please… :smiley:

Do you know why the window I’m seeing here to engrave is so narrow?

ah icic, if you lower the speed you will increase the depth of the engrave. you can also increase the depth and darkness by increasing the LPI but if i were you i would try dropping the speed. Do you do tests or use a test pattern? they really help if you are using the same material for multiple jobs. you can reference it to narrow down your settings to get the outcome you want. In the free laser design section of the forum there are a few available in there.


Ah the narrow engrave window has to do with the beta speed increase. as you increase the speed of the laser it needs more room to accelerate and decelerate, so as you increase the speed you effectively have less and less workable area. For most of my engraves except for specialty items with leather i stick to 1000 as my top speed.
I rarely go above 2000 speed. You will need to experiment with the speed and power settings till you get something you like. :slight_smile:

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you’re the best! Thank you so much! I finished calibrating, then I gave it another shot at engraving, and it all aligned perfectly! Except I had one glitch. See photo. Do you know what happened to my numbers here?

I have been trying all types of settings for engraving and cutting, I tried to read up on what others use. I definitely want darker in this perticular case. I will lower my speed and LPI in that case! :slight_smile:

That one is very strange. what speed were you using when that happened?

The one from the screen shot. I’ll try your suggestion and let you know!

I know ive seen that issue posted in this support section before but have not payed attention to the resolution to the issue.

@leducj25 Found this here, it kinda seems to be an issued caused by the higher speeds but they seem to still be looking at it. The higher speeds have not been available to the public for very long, so there are some teething issues.

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Oh, geeze, you are amazing! Thank you, you’re the best!

Ok, so it looks like I have found my engraving setting using your advice! :smiley: Look at how far I’ve come from 2 hours ago! All thanks to you!!!



Hey any time :wink: looks great and glad i could help. I appreciated the break form designing Christmas ornaments lol


Sounds like you’re working on fun stuff!

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Plugging away at it having a good time listening to a Joe Rogan podcast. I get tunnel vision sometimes and its good to take a break and put my mind to something else for a bit

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My friend is obsessed with Joe Rogan podcasts. I’ll have to give it a shot too!

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I’m so sorry to hear that you ran into trouble!

It looks like @primal_healer was able to provide some great instructions for resolving the snag you were running into. I’m glad to hear you were able to get the print results you hoped for.

I’ll close this topic for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the future at support@glowforge.com if you experience the same behavior with the adjusted settings. We’re here to help!