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Hi,I’m looking for the settings to engrave a qr code on 3mm acrylic. I have reduced speed. Increased lpi but it’s hardly engraving. I want to paint fill so I need to be somewhat deep. Ive been searching online a few days but the tips I am following using is not working. Can someone advise please. Thank you!

A higher power might help. Higher power, slower speed, and higher LPI are all things that make engraves deeper. If you have an Aura then the color of the acrylic makes a big diffrence.


3mm acrylic is Proofgrade Medium. Did you start with the closest Proofgrade Medium color engrave setting? (If your acrylic is white, pastel, clear or blue the Aura or Spark won’t do much to it but the larger GFs will be fine)


Engraving acrylic is rather standard, and using Proofgrade settings should work very well. Is it possible your optics need to be cleaned? Can you share a photo of one of your unsuccessful attempts?


PG settings. If you want it deeper make sure your code is black and you’re using the vary power setting (I believe that’s SD).
If you want it even deeper either lower the speed, raise the power, or run it twice.


Another great tip for engraving is by @evansd2 - use wood glue as your masking, rather than the regular masking materials. I use this method for all of my engraving/filling on acrylic, as the glue works great for keeping paint from seeping underneath, and any that does happen to seep is easily scraped off. I usually let the glue dry before engraving (I just use PG settings), engrave, then do your painting, either acrylic or spray paint, and then peel the glue off. I usually let the paint dry a little before peeling off the glue, just because then I don’t have to worry about getting wet paint all over me when I’m peeling the glue.


I missed that tip somehow. Thank you @ellencadwell and @evansd2 .

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