Engraving Settings Having Problems

Hi, I have been trying to engrave on cork fabric, genuine leather bracelet cuffs, and many other wood items. What is the best setting for
Cork Fabric
Leather Cuffs
Pine Wood Solid
Birch Ply wood
Would also like to try a thick paper but everything thin I engrave seems to go all the way thru.
Please help me with the settings

Start with choosing a Glowforge Proofgrade analog and go from there. You have to test. It all depends on what kind of design you have and how the engrave is set up. Lots of variations.

this may help.


If you utilize the search function, you will find answers to most of these items. For example, Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock

There are also posts regarding cork fabric and birch plywood. For leather, why not use proofgrade settings to start with.

As stated above, your best bet is to experiment and dial in your own settings based on your design and material.


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