Engraving ‘slipping’/ offsets

When I engrave larger items (I haven’t measured the size threshold yet) it causes offsets as it engraves. Has this happened to anyone?

It’s always a horizontal offset. It’s happened in multiple places on the cutting area (bottom edge and the whole left third of the machine). It’s happened on a vector and on a bitmap. There is no masking or pins to get in the way.

I got this machine only a month ago. Support has been slow and a solution has not been found. After sending tons of photos of the hardware, they say it all looks good and are claiming overhanging masking and pins causing catching but I didn’t use any on these last two.

With the machine off, you might try gently moving the carriage back and forth and see if you can feel anything besides a smooth movement.
Does it happen on a file that has engraved correctly? I’m guessing support had you do the gift of good measure, did the issue happen there?


The gift of good measure is too small for it to show up. But I could try making it larger to see if it creates the issue. The frog has printed correctly before, this is a new issue.

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If there is something that either lowers the amount of air moving, or makes the point of the laser less sharp, you get a little flame like a candle flame that comes and goes. This is most common while the cut is moving in the “y” axis. Every time you see a candle flame it will not be cutting as deep. Also, different woods are different, and even different places or pieces of the same wood can be different. Zebrawood is notorious, proofgrade wood is supposed to be free of those issues.

The most common cause is when smoke flows close to a lens or window while cutting. It is amazing how little it takes to cause this, even when I did not see anything I found a Zeiss Wipe got a bit brown, and the issue was fixed after that.

A thing that drove me crazy early on was not knowing that a magnetic field could wreck havoc with the fan and cause that same effect.

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