Engraving small wood slice ornaments on Aura

Can you engrave on the small wood slices you can get off amazon? they are super thin, so I know that wont be an issue, just not sure what to do or how to figure what settings I would use, if i can engrave on them.

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Can you give more information, please? This is very vague. Perhaps post a link? If they are like a sheet of veneer, then I suggest you start with using one of the proofgrade setting for that, if the Aura has a setting for that. Otherwise, testing is the best way to find optimal settings.


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Have you worked through the Glowforge tutorials? If not, I urge you to take the time to do that. Once you are familiar with the interface, I believe this post will be helpful: Common problems/questions


I’ve engraved those on my GF Basic. Try using the engrave setting for maple and then adjust it based on whether you want a lighter/darker/shallower/deeper engrave. They don’t have the most even engrave due to the inconsistent nature of wood, but they’re pretty.


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