Engraving tall things (feature request)



Since ordering my Glowforge there has been one thing nagging at me and that has been the short (2"?) maximum depth that has had me wondering if the floor could be dropped incrementally so a 4" or 6" piece could be cut/engraved on the top.

The pro version that I went with has doors on the front and back for work that is wider than would fit and I got to thinking if the entire case was cut all around at the bottom of those doors and just like a drop leaf table you could add 2", 4", 6" high sections that would lift the main working parts higher and perhaps a way to raise and lower the floor so you would only have to raise it once, and not every time you had something larger to do.

As with other suggestions, there would not be a need to put the extra leaves /floor into production at this time but only provide the capability to do so in the future when things are a bit less hectic.

Thanks in advance for at least thinking about the possibility. Bob


I’m hoping GF2 has a drop floor as well as a rotary attachment. Can I get back in line now?


That’s a feature of the FSL Muse. The trouble is that it brings all sorts of potential liability issues into play as well as the engineering of stiffening the case without a fixed bottom. Solvable but doesn’t seem to be the use case GF considered at least for V1 of the product.

It would be super handy with a rotary attachment for serious rotary work like bottles and glasses - right now even with a rotary rig you’re limited to small things like pens.

BTW, the Dremel version of the Muse at NYMF folks did not mention the height extension capability.


I’d wager there’s an innovative maker that will mod their case to allow taller things once their warranty has ended.

As for rotary, I also believe that :glowforge: or one of us can create a rotary accessory for the current generation laser.


It would be nice to see that having to wait for theme to get around to building mine was offset by having the most advanced design they can build at that time. As noted above, I am less concerned that such things as rotary or increased height be implemented now but that it not be impossible.

I would much rather pay to upgrade to the latest gadget than to have too buy a whole new machine. Or worse buy several machines to do what I want from different manufacturers, as is the case with 3d printers though the reasons this is so is more about nature than poor design,

Even so I am looking for some sort of knife cutter to cut materials the Glowforge should not unless that could be an add on gadget too :wink:


Both @takitus and @karaelena have rotor attachments in the works I believe.


They really need software support to be practical. Or extensive hacking/modding, which I’m not willing to do to my precious.


I hear you, more depth would have been great, also more than .25" on the passthrough would have been good too. Since the case is basically a unibody (injection molded) case, it is extremely unlikely that any modification like that could ever be made to the machine by Glowforge (enterprising makers are whole other story).


We’ll see, both those guys are pretty crafty. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them come up with a solution.


Yup. But something else popped up that’s been taking up a lot of my time. I think I need to rework a couple things and reduce the part count. Shouldn’t be long. I’ll do my usual posts when it’s ready.


I bet they WON’T! :wink: and I bet they won’t share the details… ha!


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.