Engraving Teak Cutting Board

Hi! I have some teak cutting boards I would like to engrave. Has anyone done this on teak & if so, what settings did you use?

Thanks so much!

Check with @hogfan2, maybe they have advice.


Testing is the key to success anytime you work with a new material. If you don’t have extra material, it’s always a gamble.

My strategy for working with new species is to look up their Hardness rating at wood-database.com and compare to species for which your GF has presets.

Teak is softer than many hardwoods, but much harder than, say, basswood and poplar. Were it me, I’d start with the draft settings for walnut hardwood. YMMV.

Remember, engraving is much more forgiving than cutting if you start with lower/faster settings. As long as you don’t move the material, bump the gantry, or move the file in the browser, you can make additional passes until you get the results you want.

One caveat - the above assumes you plan to engrave text and/or simple graphic shapes. Photographs are much less forgiving, so testing on the same material is critical to success.

Hope this helps!


Teak is a hard wood to nail down settings for sure. It took a while before I got results I liked. You need to slow speed down and increase LIP. For this teak board I did 475 speed, 65 power, and 340 LPI



Thank you! I’ll give it a go!