Engraving veneer after applying to Macbook lid?

I cut and stuck a sheet of cherry veneer onto the lid of my 2018 Macbook Pro last night, and am quite impressed. The thin sheet conforms to the bevels really well! I have the benefits of a “custom” laptop without damaging the resale value.

But now I’m thinking maybe I want to engrave the Apple logo, or some other design, into the lid. Any thoughts about the heat doing strange things to the 3M adhesive, maybe melting it into the aluminum’s finish? Something else equally icky? I’d like to retain the ability to remove the veneer someday, and not find a shocking surprise. :slight_smile:

I think you’d be okay. You wouldn’t be lasering directly into it, and that stuff’s pretty indestructible. (Just try taking it off once you’ve put it on!)

Also, I moved this to BTM, since Tips and Tricks is for answers, not questions. :wink: Although on reflection, it’s about PG veneer rather than MacBooks, so maybe this wasn’t the right place either…

That’s funny, I actually moved it into T&T from Everything Else, so it’s been almost everywhere now. :wink:

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Quick, somebody mention some non-PG settings!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I engraved my surface book after I put the veneer on. It worked fine.


Any chance you posted about it with your technique? I’m bettin’ @jefish would be appreciative :slight_smile:

Found this - though it doesn’t talk about engraving specifically…did you use PG settings with the new depth?

I didn’t engrave it until 12 months later so I didn’t include it on my first post. But I just used the regular proofgrade settings and changed the material thickness to whatever I measured from my surfacebook. It will probably be a little different for the back book because its not just the screen they are putting into the Glowforge. They will probably have to remove the crumb tray and space they mac to the correct height. There will be a little more involved than what I did.

Thanks for finding my old post though. I’m still very happy with the way the veneer turned out on my surface.

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