Engraving water bottles, rolling pins.....question

Brand new to the Glowforge community and ownership and loving it so far! I have used other lasers to engrave Bottlekeepers and water bottles. Anyone have experience doing this on the Glowforge? The laser I used previously at a makerspace had a rotary attachment. Would love any help you can share.

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There have been a few discussions around handling rotary requirements in the GF.


Unfortunately, today, there is no official way to handle rotary needs in the machine.

There have been some manual experiments in handling small circular objects (e.g. pens, small bottles), but not many.

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Thank you!!!

And I forgot to say: Welcome to the forum.


Yes, welcome! And keep in mind that you are limited to 2" in thickness with the crumb tray removed, so the typical bottle is not going to fit anyway. But you can certainly make labels or even painting/etching masks (from masking tape) using your laser.


You can also do what I did, which was make a custom veneer wrap! Mine has barely gotten any scratches on it, and the ones that do show are from sropping it in a parking lot.


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