Engraving without the crumb tray

I am a new owner and I have a cutting board I want to engrave that is 0.6" in height. Since I will not be using the crumb tray is it necessary to put something under it or will it engrave as is?


I believe you’ll need to put something under it.

You’ll want the surface you’re engraving to be in that 0.5" range above the surface of where the crumb tray would have been.

If you search the forums I think you may be able to find some simple designs for simple risers to use for this purpose. Good luck!


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If you do a search on “cutting without the tray” you’ll find lots of great tools and tips for making it work. :slight_smile:

Thank you all. I’ve been reading some of the post and if I am understanding it correctly, it must be raised to the height of the crumb tray at least for it to engrave. If that is not correct I would appreciate some other thoughts and methods.


Yes – the top surface of the material must be at least as high as the crumbtray’s when installed. Here’s the quickest and easiest way of getting it right:



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