Engraving without the crumbtray

I am trying to engrave on a 1.0" thick board. I have taken the crumbtray out, chosen unspecified material but when I put in 1.0 it automatically reverts it back to 0.5in. Then won’t print.

Help please

The surface of your board must be at or above the surface where the crumb tray would sit. You can’t enter a thickness of 1 inch. The working surface must fall no lower than .5 inches from the laser head. Prop your 1 inch board up until the surface is less than .5 inches from the laser head then use set focus.


awesome! Thank you for the input!!!

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Try this: Tutorial: How to cut without the Crumb Tray (Honeycomb)


Do you mean Set Focus? It’s a lot easer now and doesn’t require all the measuring and math. Just need to make sure it’s definitely within the acceptable range or the laser head might knock into it.


Yes I did. Good catch. Thanks.
I edited that.

Please note I had an error in that. Use “set focus” after you have the surface of the board in range.

Here’s a visual in case it helps.


You might find these helpful.

In short, pick a riser that puts the top of your target above the crumb tray’s height, but below the head. Measure the thickness of your material. Subtract the height engraved on the side of the riser from the material thickness. The result is the # you enter into the GFUI.

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