Enter dimensions rather than drag

So I have 3 separate pieces that fit together and I want to size them within the APP. Dragging to the size I want is horribly inaccurate. I would rather type “105%” to resize each piece exactly the same. I am a little surprised that this is not already in the app. Or is it? Did I miss it some where?

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The app isn’t (really) for design. I like to think of it as a (very) glorified printer driver. Nothing more. You want to do your design work in your design app, and your cutting in the cutting app (the Glowforge app). Right tool for the right job.


Ok, so I’ll have an Item in my library that contains 3 separate pieces. I have to keep copies of

sizes 1-10

That’s 30 different items!!! The software lets you resize, just let me enter by how much. Then i have just 3 items in my library I can change at will.

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Indeed. I just name them for the size they are. For example, I might have Star - 1" and Star - 2". Folders sure would be such a huge help… for so many reasons.

But I guess another question for your particular use case is why have 3 separate pieces? They sound like they’re related, so why not just have them in one file? Then it’s only 10 items for 10 sizes.

I simplified the problem. I can easily have over 1000 items in my library

Star 1
Star 1.2
Star 3

Star 95.7

I have them in separate files because placement on the material is important. It’s already very difficult to get accurate placement. Placing by numbers (move -1" in the X) would be great too.

Yes there are ways to work with what we have. I just wish this small feature could be added. If you can resize with a mouse, why not resize with numbers?

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Sure. And everybody does different things with their Glowforge. But I’d be surprised to find you need to resize more than a few of those 1000. Typically you’d be designing something of a certain size and that’s the end of it. So whatever you’re doing sounds really interesting to me so I hope you share some of it!

You can move each element where ever you’d like (within the Glowforge app if you’d like) even if there are several in one file. I’m thinking it would make your life easier.

I agree this is is an oversight.

We’re allowed to “design” in the app because we can add multiple objects and resize them and move them around–but we are prevented from doing so with precision due to an inscrutable design decision.


no, it’s missing.

And is a pretty standard part of most print drivers/rips that I have ever used. Shoot, when I first heard about GF I was imagining it being able to identify the object I had put it, and give me an option similar to “scale to page” or “scale to fit”.


Yep, this is on lots of folks’ wish list. I’m pretty sure this feature is “in the hopper.”


Thanks so much for your feedback. I’ve passed it on to the team.