Entire design just disappeared - AGAIN

I’m literally sick to my stomach. I was in the middle of working on a design when my app screen, which normally shows the honeycomb, went black. The designs were still on the left side of the screen like normal, so I waited. Well, now my ENTIRE DESIGN - every piece of it - is GONE. When I go back to the Home screen, it still lists the design by name, but shows a blank screen. I even opened it again and it is TOTALLY BLANK!!! :sob:

Can someone please help get it back???

This can be an issue with almost any design program, which is why they usually have an auto-save function.
Moving forward, you can manually do an auto-save. Just return momentarily to the design list page (called HOME in the UI).
If you wish to keep what you have done so far, but make additional changes to see how they come out, use the arrow on the right of the design file you just made and request Make A Copy.
Changes made will be added to the ‘copy’ file instead of the original save.

None of this resolves that reset from your browser page, but it does give you some options moving forward to prevent a long design phase from going poof on you.

That would be wonderful if the make a copy option actually worked. It does not right now. everything was fine but it happened while I was in the file. Instead of the honeycomb background of my glowforge the background was completely black and then all of my little design items which this is not a huge file disappeared. That’s the frustrating part. I have nowhere or no way to recoup the file. If there was a way to make a copy as there has been in the past, I would have already done that as well. I have cleared my cache and done everything possible on my end and understand that this is a glowforge app and possibly Network problem and not something that should ever happen with a glowforge owner. This is not the first time this has happened to me and now without the make a copy option working, I am very very very frustrated.

I’m sorry for the frustration while working on your design in the Glowforge App. I see you’ve emailed us about this, and I’ve sent you a response there, so I’m going to close this thread.