EORI number - custom office and UPS

First of all: I was very surprised getting my “Do you want your Glowforge now?”-email last week.
Second: I was very surprised to get the message from UPS that my glowforge would be delivered tommorow (!) to Berlin, Germany.

But, as always, there’s a catch:
The two packages are stuck now at the german custom office because of a missing EORI-number.
This Number is important for paying taxes and so on.
UPS said, they contacted Glowforge, the custom office says it’s up to me to get the number and now the package is stuck and nobody seems to know the number :smiley:

So, there’s my question:
Do you know the EORI-number for importing the glowforge to the EU?

Thanks a lot and see you soon :slight_smile:


I’m a UK business user. My EORI number was just my VAT number with a few extra zeros. I did have to apply for it though via our tax office.

You don’t mention whether you are a business of an individual but if you are a business you may need to apply to your tax office for an EORI number. Unfortunately that’s the limit of my knowledge.

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Hi Glen,
that was fast :slight_smile:
It’s “individual”.
Which VAT number did you use?

Ah, sorry.
It’s your personal/business VAT number, right?
Hmm… I don’t have one so there has to be another solution :slight_smile:

It might be that UPS thinks you’re a business. Try telling them that you’re an individual.

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The EORI number (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification number) is an operator identification number that is valid throughout the European Union and replaces the German customs number. Since Regulation (EC) No 312/2009 amending provisions for the implementation of the Customs Code came into force on 1 July 2009, this number is a prerequisite for customs clearance in the European Union.
You only need it in the case that you are a bussines. If you are not you don`t need it. You will have to explain to UPS custom service that you are “individual person”.

In the case that you are a business I advise you to look at this link:


Thank you so much!
I reached out to UPS again and got a call later that day.
The guy on the phone asked a few questions and - voilá - the package is on it’s way again.
Can’t wait till tuesday :flushed:


Hey f_ebeling_aniron,

Did you have to pay customs duties? If so, how much did you have to pay?

Cheers from another German -soon to own a Glowforge- Geek

I anticipated round about 500€ and it was very close.
First delivery with proof grad materials was 46,25€.
Second (the two glowforge packages) 448,26€.

Hi Flo, and greetings from Giessen(Hessen)

I’m having a problem with our customs as well. Did you check the shipment info UPS sent you? Especially the value of the shipment you have to pay taxes for? Mine is way too high somehow, you should check that as well.

Is there any way to get a phonenumber or a priority email from the folks at glowforge?

I‘ll check it, thanks :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear you Glowforge is making its way to you. @p_p_krause , I see that we were able to get in touch and work through the issue you were facing. Thank you for reaching out!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it.