Error ALERT Interlock Open and No Lights Inside of Machine

I just finished a cut and everything worked fine, turned the machine off and my husband turned it back on to cut something and noticed the lights inside of the machine wouldn’t turn on. From the computer there was an error ALERT Interlock Open.

I have a basic, this is the refurb I paid for after my original machine quit working out of warranty. Of course the refurb is out of warranty and I have to go through the frustrating days and days and days of waiting for tech support to respond but I was hoping for some quicker help here.

I’ve found a few community responses saying the Interlock refers to the Pro but I don’t have the pro. The machine makes the normal start up noises but I can’t cut anything because my ALERT Interlock Open is on next to the print button.

Does anyone have any additional tips for me? Has anyone been able to resolve this without tech support while I begin the wait for a response?

Thank you!

The interlock function on the Pro has no effect on lighting other than simply halting the machine (or prevents it from operating.)

If you’re getting that alert on a basic, the hardware has failed in some way and the machine will need to be replaced.


thank you for your response, I did find that on another post too but of course it isn’t what I wanted to hear :frowning:

Sorry. There’s no escaping the facts. The interlock is hard-wired and does not exist on other models - and even if it was just a connection of some type, a problem with it would not affect the lighting. Many people have erroneously posted false information about how it works.


Both the lights and interlock are tied to the black ribbon at the back of the lid. If the lights are out only on one side I would carefully inspect the connection between the black ribbon and the lights in the corner of the lid. If one was a bit too enthusiastic in cleaning the bottom of the lid one light disturb that link and careful checking might fix it,

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The interlock is not connected to the black ribbon cable in any way. On the Pro (only) it has a dedicated 2-wire cable from the main circuit board to the connector on the back of the machine, above the power connection and switch.


Sorry. Was thinking of the door open sensor, that connects to wiring behind the lights that connects to the black cable. late night fog.


It’s fine, but incorrect info gets found thru search then re-posted as fact. Many people think the interlock affects power - which is why I eventually got tired of correcting them and made the video posted above.


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