Error in Thick Cherry Plywood Automatic Settings (Resolved)

Automatic Proofgrade cut power settings for Thick Cherry Plywood are set to 1% instead of Full Power. There is a major typo error in the Automatic settings for Thick Cherry Plywood.

I do not know whether the error occurs when using the QR code but if you just select Thick Cherry Plywood via the drop down menu and use the automatic settings for a cut it only does a light engrave. Inspecting the manual numbers shows a setting of 150 speed and 1 power for that material. It should be 150 speed and Full power for a cut. It’s just a typo but anyone who tries to cut the Thick Cherry Plywood with those automatic settings under the pull down menu will waste Proofgrade. Oct 11, 2017

Normally I would send Pre-Release problem reports via email vs. the public forum but this one would ruin projects and thought others needed to know until it’s fixed.


Yesterday when I chose “manual” everything showed up as power 1 to begin with. I had to choose “manual cut”, then “automagic cut” then back to “manual” cut to see the PG settings.

Today, when I choose “thick cherry plywood” and choose manual, it gives me 150/Full.


Interesting. I just tried every combination I could think of (including your suggestion) and the numbers did not change.

But I’m not going to worry about the actual values because it was never guaranteed that we could even see those numbers.

Just tried to cut with the Thick Cherry Plywood automatic settings and it doesn’t cut but only engraves at a very low power. Thick Maple Plywood settings work perfectly.


I’m looking into this now and will be in touch.


This is resolved now – thanks for bringing it to my attention!