Error! Lid open

Why does this happen on the busiest days!!??!!
I have a Pro and it is a little over a 1 year old.
laser was performing beautifully, set up a new project, set focus and hit print.
blue light come on. Press it and laser starts as usual.
Then i get a message that the print was paused and I need to press the button again to continue the print. before I can get up to press the button, immediately after the first “pause” message, I get the next message that the print has been cancelled.
I think, well, maybe i hit the button twice?? I don’t think so, but hey, you never know…maybe.
I hit print again as the project was the same and I hadn’t moved from my seat, let alone, opened the lid.
Now it’s stuck in a perpetual circle of LID OPEN!
I have searched the forums, topics and performed the usual checks.
Cleared debris, from every part of the upper lid and the bottom/passthrough area. ( not much there as I usually keep those tid bits picked up.)
checked wire/ribbon attachments…allll of them, both coming and going from lid to ribbon and back.
checked and rebooted wifi and laser and computer
refreshed page
unplugged for 30 minutes and restarted…nothing
left it over night…next morning saaammme LID OPEN!! :sob:
I’ve sent a message to glowforge today, but no reply yet… of course I want it immediately., but i do understand to give them time to answer:frowning:

how long has it taken for you to receive black ribbon for lid(if that’s the issue) once you ordered it?
Trying to figure out how long I"ll be out of commission.

Probably 3-5 business days, but nobody on this forum can say for sure.

Pre Covid it was the same as any other orders, so I would expect it to be the same (as other orders) now.


Had same issue. U did all the right trouble shooting already. Support will message you in about 3-5 days then they will decide if black lid cable needs replacing or need new replacement machine. Expect to be out of commission 2-3 weeks

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Thank you for your reply. Appreciate being able to reach out to others that have experience.

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curious if yours was a cable issue or needed replaced??

I replaced my cable no change. My unit was replaced :pensive: got it within 2-3weeks but i live in canada that could be why took some time to gwt here

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