Error message on Aura

Help! My aura yesterday was stuck in the calibrating screen and then kept giving me an error message that saya “Unexpected error has occureed” It does not say what the error is, and just to contact support (which I did). I have unplugged my machine, restarted my computer, etc.

Mine has been doing the same thing since Friday.

Sometimes when an error occurs it gets stuck in your browser even if the machine has cleared it. Try going to the GFUI in either a completely different browser (Chrome/Firefox/DuckDuckGo/etc.) or clearing the cache on whatever browser you’re in (go to settings, search for cache, delete - you’ll need to log into things again).

Let us know if that fixes it!


Thank you for the suggestion! Now there is an orange light on the button. I have tried everything…so frustrating!!

Ah. Orange lights are the default “cannot communicate” errors. I’d double check that your silver flat wire is correctly seated into the head of the machine, but either way you should reach out to Support. They’ve got phone/email/Discord depending on your preference (phone is fastest though).

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