Error message. Please help

Hello. I’ve been getting an error message that states that I need to refresh and turn off my glowforge. This happens after I follow the instructions. Could you please assist.

Try to do the “gift of good measure” as is the standard way. If you still have an issue then
if you turn off the glowforge, and the window the GFUI is in, then the computer. And also any other tablets, etc. with the GFUI up as well. Then when you restart the glowforge, restart the computer. Make sure you can see the glowforge in the list of connections to the wifi. then load the GFUI and if all has no red flags then try again.


Rolando, I am having the same issue and haven’t been able to resolve it yet. Did "rbtdanforth’s suggestion work for you?

Welcome to the community. MIght be faster to just try the suggestions made by @rbtdanforth for yourself and see if it helps.

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Thx for your suggestion. I did try and it didn’t work, that’s why I asked.

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