Error on pricing of Pink Translucent acrylic sheet

On the website, it’s priced at $4 per sheet but when you add it to cart the price changes to $6 per sheet. Please fix this error, thanks!

Either they fixed it just that quickly or it’s the medium that’s $4 but it’s out of stock and the thick that’s $6 (that’s true of the the other translucent ones)

It’s possible they just marked it out of stock until they could get it fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @chubbypillow, I’m so sorry for the confusion! The price you are seeing for the Pink Fluorescent Pink Acrylic is for the 1/4’’ Thick option. I suggest you keep an eye at for when the Medium it’s back in stock so you can purchase your materials at $4.00 apiece!

@deirdrebeth Thanks for taking care of this one for us, you were totally right about the cost difference between the Medium and Thick pieces – we always appreciate it!

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