Error when setting focus

Hey everyone…GF was working fine this morning then all of a sudden I keep getting an ERROR when setting focus. I have turned off GF 5 times and refreshed the browser several times and it still will not work. Any ideas?

Head connection OK?
Same problem on a different browser?

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Everything seems to be connected. Haven’t tried diff. browser. Never had t do that before but will try. I just ended up turning it off and I’m going to let it sit for an hour and see what happens. There was nothing wrong until I went to cut my last piece and that all started.

Maybe it’s a browser cache issue

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What material are you trying to focus on? Can you try with nothing in the bed or with a light colored material? Also, clean the little windows on the underside of the printhead.


It is 1/8" light birch wood which is what I always use…I did try to just make it focus it o :frowning: n nothing to see if that would work…nope.

I can try that too!

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