Estimated Delivery Date Update Request

Hello, my Estimated Delivery Date has passed and I never received any updates, my account still shows the original past date. May I get an updated delivery date? Thank you for your time.

I still have not received an update to my Estimated Delivery Date, Please provide an update. Let me know if I need to provide information via an email or here in this support forum. Just a simple update would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I will try sending an email since I’ve not received a response.

I thought I was supposed to post here but I guess this area is for questions and issues based on actually having a Glowforge. The lack of updates for an order is frustrating.
Simple communication would be appreciated and alleviate any frustrations or buyers remorse.
Thank you.

They’ve stated that that will pretty much put you at the end of the queue since they then have to de-dup the requests before passing to somebody to work on it.

TL;DR: Don’t e-mail now that you’ve already opened this case. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Tom, I thought that was the case, wasn’t sure, I will not email and continue to wait. :slight_smile:

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I’m confused, are Glowforge units shipping? I ordered based on an estimated delivery date and it said if anything changes I would receive updated information. Hate to be a bother but these are expensive machines and simple updates from Glowforge would be greatly appeciated. Could someone from Glowforge confirm I’m asking for a delivery date in the correct area/way? I’ve received nothing from Glowforge support. If the Estimated Delivey Date means nothing then maybe it should not be on the buy page of the website. Thank you for your time, Glowforge please respond. :slight_smile:

A simple confirmation, an update, a tracking number, please. Thank you.

You only opened this case yesterday. Support will get to you ASAP. Give it a couple of days.

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Thanks for letting us know. We do have an update on your order and are following up via email, so I’m going to close this topic.