Etched on lasertile

Here is some of the first things that I have done. The picture is of one of our cats


Ohh, I just got my box of 4x4 tiles in today’s mail. I’ve been meaning to search for settings. Watching a 3 hour engrave tonight so not much time for experimentation. That’s the trial part, but no errors.

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Pretty kitty! :grinning:

Wait what? Thought the laser tile people went kaput? You can still get them?

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I don’t seem to have the website, but this is the email that came right before they landed on my doorstep.

On their web site here are settings

Thanks. I wonder how those translate to Glow-speak.

If you have the basic, full power and 800 speed. If have pro full power and 900 speed, the tiles are .25 inches thick. 1 pass


I have a box of 8x8s and a box of 4.25 x 4.25 just waiting for me in my little studio and just did one of the smaller ones tonight. I have done several, now. They are up in Portland (OR) only about an hour from me. Their communication is lacking and shipment takes a long time…but they’re worth the wait.

edit; I hated to remove my settings, but just now realized that they don’t belong in this section.


Tried my first lasertile tonight.

Started with this image.

one pass at 1000/50/dots/225

After a second pass at 1000/50/dots/225

Not bad. Will probably try higher LPI and/or vary power to see what the differences are.


Ok, switched to variable and 340lpi, same 1000/50. Here was the result.

Running another now with the power bumped up to 70 and the lpi at 450.


Much better. 1000/75/variable/450LPI.

Will try again later with these settings and a less contrasty version of this image to see if I can get more midrange detail.


That last one looks like the original photo. :grinning:


Final etch. 1000/65/variable/450.

Used a slightly less contrasty original. Original color photo was already pretty high contrast.


I simply cannot believe how much gradient you managed to squeeze out of something that is literally only black or white.


thanks. fwiw, the original color image was a professional studio shot and was already pushed to contrast extremes by the photographer. meant i had a lot less work to do on the image to make it work. GIGO theory applies to all kinds of laser photo etching, and this was a great starting point.

oh, and the 450lpi made a big difference, too. almost tempted to try even higher.


Here is some old digital art I did transferred to a lasertile


A closeup


I can’t speak on these specific tiles, but we have engraved a few that absolutely can produce different shades.

The text, shamrock body, and shamrock border are all different depths of etching. The text is actually etched, just very shallow.

(Disregard the bad positioning. We were trying to compensate for the crappy alignment and the damn thing actually engraved where we told it to for once.)


what settings did you use for this one? just for comparison sake.