Etching on a jewelry Box

Hello has anyone tried etching a logo on a jewelry box. I have paper jewelry boxes I’d like to see if I can etch my logo on them. I’m unsure how to do etching and I don’t want to burn the boxes. I only had my glowforge for a few days. And unsure of the settings I would use. They are standard boxes. Paper/ cardboard.


I think it’s doable. You would probably want to just do the lid, which should fit under the head as long as it is less than about 0.45" high. Do a forum search on engraving cardboard, that should get you started. And you will need to measure the exact height and put that into the Material Height field.

Speaking of which, just did the top of a box that a friend made on his CNC…


You are talking about engraving on paper or cardboard. Search for chipboard or paper settings.

You can do it, but you gave to be extra attentive not to burn things

A topic like this has some place to start:

I would imagine that they are sized that you would have to take out the crumb tray. There are lots of posts on how to calculate focus and material thickness without the tray.

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thank you! Here is a pic

All I can think of is Zima Blue, cause I was watching Love Death & Robots last night…


That should engrave very nicely.

One thing to realize is that you can redo the operation with precision as long as you don’t shift the material or the graphic in the GFUI between operations. So just start with 1000 speed and 10% power and see how it looks. Then redo it with more power if you want.

With paper, you want to go as fast as possible.


I’d probably look towards some method of anchoring it so the air assist fan doesn’t shake it or move it.

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Use “set focus” it’s a better option.

I’m sure it is now, but the option didn’t exist in April 2019.



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Ah yes! the Dragon gagging itself, it should be an emoji.

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