Looking for suggestions on engraving paper coasters

A friend sent me some coasters to try out on the GF, that seem to be just like these:


I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on what settings I should try. I was thinking I could start out with something like 600/100 for engraving. I did a search and didn’t really see much on suggested settings for paper coasters like these, so apologies if it has already been mentioned.

I am also not sure what the best way is to line up my coasters so I can print on them. I tried doing some engraving on small round wooden chips, but things weren’t quite centered like I thought it was. I think my GFUI is pretty accurate, it’s just hard to get it lined up perfectly. Any tips much appreciated.

Side note: I am just in the planning stages on this, and working through some support issues with my GF. I plan to work on these once those are ironed out, just trying to get ahead of the game with planning for now.


Assuming you don’t have Snapmarks yet, this is a great place for a jig. Cut a 4" square out of cardboard (or ten) and then use it to place your coasters. That way you can get the placement exactly right.

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I will have to check if I have it, my thinking is I probably don’t since I just got my GF a few weeks ago. Thanks for the suggestion, I did see that feature and thought it might be a good use for it.

Testing is the only way I can be assured of getting what I want. I would think that power will be a bit high, and maybe start at full speed. Wild guess, I would try maybe 1000/30 to get a starting point. I did some vellum @ 1000/30/340 that came out good…


Wow, that looks really cool, thanks for the idea on the settings. I’ll try to start out a bit lower power.

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My experience with these coasters is that they char almost immediately. Go light on the laser.


I used
1000 speed, 8 power and 340 lines
To engrave card stock.


Finished product.
This is a good example of the spectrum that the glowforge is capable of. The text at the bottom right corner was scored, and the picture engraved, and the frame with the stand were cut. Same machine.

I love this thing - and it keeps improving.


That engraving is something to be really proud of. Some of the best that I have seen. :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I spent an afternoon and something like 9 tests sneaking up on the settings…


Thanks again for the suggestions on the coasters. I was able to get around to playing with the settings and haver tried a few tests. I am pretty happy with the engrave- ended up on 1000/40. I am doing a two pass cut with 250/50 and getting a little smoke. Any suggestions on improving the cut?


I got some of the coasters in the Round variety. I was telling my wife we need to think about making coasters to commemorate whatever it is we are having people over for.

First up… Thanksgiving 2018.


how long did that take to engrave?