Etching Silicone - Looking for Safety Tips

Hey all, new GF’er here. I’m hoping to etch a few silicone bands and I have a couple of questions as I’m still a bit gun-shy with the machine.

I’ve heard that silicone creates a lot of dust…
Is the dust very harmful to inhale (thinking silica and silicosis…)? Should I be wearing a mask?
Is it very bad for the machine? If so, how to best clean it up and maintain it?

Apologies in advance if these questions are ridiculous :slight_smile:

Silicosis comes from glass and quartz dust which are made from a mineral called silica. You’re fine on that count.


Though you may want to wear a mask around the machine while it’s running–lots of news about workers on countertops dying due to Silicosis!

Silicosis – countertop manufacturers dying of illness

This may be of particular interest


Thanks @evansd2 for confirming. And you’re right, @bansai8creations, a mask couldn’t hurt. I’ll see how dusty it gets.

Thanks @deirdrebeth - super helpful, particularly for the settings!

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