Etching Tile


Great coloring! :grinning:


Beautiful work! I too tried spray acrylic lacquer and had bleed problems . On the plus side they heldup well in running water and didn’t fade.


THANK YOU for all the testing you’ve done and the sharing! I just got my GF and don’t know where to start. The ceramic and glass tiles produce such impressive pieces. It makes the wood look drap by comparison. I love the effect of etching the front of the glass tile and the shadow it creates!


Incredible use of fill pattern. It reminds me of the art of the Northwest Coast First Nations’.



Tile wall-hanger / presentation plaque

Drab wood, you say?

And many more. The creativity in this community is humbling.


I jumped on the bandwagon.


Live in Vegas by chance?


I never knew Lincoln was that limber…I guess all that chopping wood has it’s advantages. :sunglasses:


What gave it away? :wink:


Hey what was the material you told the glow forge it was ?


“Use Uncertified Material”. Thickness: 0.3"

Then set etching power to 600, and power to full.


ok not to seem like dunce but where is the etching power located



thank you friend I thinking of doing this so long ago but I was waiting on glowforge But i should have been in the community
and that all i need for it to engrave tile? do you think it will work on glass?

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Search for “glass settings”, or “engraving glass”… there are tons of posts.


Thank you very much


The first projects I did on my new GF were on tiles, because I’m so blown away by what I’ve seen so far. These were copyright free jpegs. The grey one is unglazed ceramic and the white one is glazed (the crackle effect was already there.) I used black sharpie on both of them, then on the white one I rubbed on some green/gold acrylic paint. Next I went to Home Depot and bought a whole bunch of different size tiles. I’m hooked.


Oh, I like that crackle effect! Neat! :grinning:


Where do you get the laser tile? I tried to find it online and keep getting rerouted to other sites.