Newest mapping adventure

Sorry, trouble getting good picts today. Light not my friend. Fun little project of the day.

I could have fought kerf on this one a whole heck of a lot more but frankly it was a quick project and I was lazy!


This is stupidly good.

Care to talk a bit about process? Would love to know how you did the colors. Really nice work.


That’s what you call a QUICK project? Wow. It’s amazing!


Thanks & sure.

I color the wood ( cards of wood brand single sided maple in this case, with a little walnut & a bit of paduck I had laying around ) with Copic pen ink (alcohol based inks) first then tack it in place with spray glue. Cover with mask and cut in place. Then I weed out all the “remove” pieces, leaving the wood & mask on the items that stay. Repeat with next color veneer floating over holes and lightly pressed to mask of previous layer. Cut this new layer. Tiny cuts items at this point may blow around as they are not really stuck to anything & there is much air movement. I do my best to locate them before removing from machine and place them in their holes. Push everything that stays down into place, remote the floaters & cutouts that go & repeat endlessly.

There are other Much more precise methods I’m sure but this works well for a quick and dirty.

Oh. The whole thing is veneer over acrylic & you want to cut such that the acrylic just barely gets nicked if even that. Just enough to cut your veneer ( settings vary based on veneer or I’d happily just give them here).

I cut all the veneer first & “then” at the end remasked the whole thing and engraved roads (lightly) & rivers (deeper, so as to cut into acrylic)

I hope this makes sense. Happy to clarify anything, I’m not the best at describing process.


Thanks. Needed to send a rapid pick me up to a friend.

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More people should have friends like you! :slight_smile:

Oh my. Projects of this quality, colour and mixed materiel are starting to happen.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.


This is something else! I can’t believe this was a ‘quick’ project either. Superb. Thanks for sharing.

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Exceptional job!

This is absolutely stunning! thanks fo sharing!

Beautiful! So much detail! :grinning:

Love this. The colors work so well. Nice process.

Well I have a long way to go to get to this level. This is awesome!

WOW! This is awesome!

Few projects leave me dumbfounded, but you really knocked it out of the park with this one. WOW


Thanks for all the positive comments!

This is amazing…I was daydreaming about making a Hyrule map but this is way beyond what I had imagined.

Well, it’s not full of big red Xs marking all the places Link died, but its pretty amazing anyway :slight_smile:.


what were the final dimensions? is this 12"x18" or bigger?

It’s approximately 10 x 18.