Etching Tile



Good to know. We have ROLLS of blue painters tape here due to our 3D printers. Don’t use the blue painters tape any longer since we discovered AquaNet Hair Spray. :wink: Thanks


many of us don’t bother to mask tiles. if you use a sharpie or, say, oil marker, you can wipe it off of the still-glazed portion while the marker remains in the etched portion.


Please remember to spay and neuter your paints !


@Jules - did you post your laser tile settings anywhere on the forum? Just curious (your hedgie came out so kewl!) How big are those broken pieces (didn’t see a banana)


I’m not at my main computer right now so I can’t look them up, but I just used @chris1’s settings. A quick search for “laser tiles” should snag it.

:smile: And yes, we have no bananas…those tiles were supposed to be 4" x 4". The largest piece was about a third of one. They really do a cruddy job with packing the tiles, I had a small box of them that didn’t make it.


Decided to try a leftover black tile from our bathroom remodel and use some gold oil marker to see how the contrast worked.

I like the effect a lot. Need to find some better images (I like this better black on white). Maybe something more Asian.


Nice! One of these days I’m gonna have to get kraken and do a few for reals. :slightly_smiling_face:


this is how I read that:


:smile: Glad someone caught it!


One of my favorite rums. And it’s not very expensive, so bonus.


Being on St. Croix I have to go with Cruzan Single Barrel. :sunglasses: But now we also produce Capt. Morgan.


i did say “one of.” :slight_smile:

personally, not a fan of cpt morgan. it’s too vanilla sweet. haven’t tried the cruzan. i have a bottle of 25 yr old goslins i’m quite fond of. and sailor jerry. and an odd old bottle of an austrian rum called stroh that has a very butterscotchy taste to it.


Me either, but this is where they moved the distillery to from PR. Single barrel is a blend of 5-12 yr Rum in one cask, aged some more and then each bottle only comes from one cask. I’ve been told the casks are sourced from Jack Daniels used casks for a extra nice flavor.


Very Japanese


Hi. I don’t mask the tile. I used an economic craft acrylic paint from Walmart. After I pass the paint I clean or buff it gently with a paper towel. I read of this technique from another user in this post and it worked well. You just have to do it carefully so that you do not remove all the paint.


Oooooh love this!


That dragon!! <3



I got curious about who “invented” the sharpie technique. I think this was the first mention:

@paulw , was it you?


Don’t know about “invented”, but it might have been first easily findable mention. I’m pretty sure someone else did it before. In any case, it’s an obvious thing to do, just wonderful how many people have done amazing stuff with it.