Even more notebooks


Getting a jump start on X-mas gifts for my nieces, who are very girly-girls and love anything pink. These journals are made from proofgrade cherry with their names on maple. I think that I’m getting a hang of this kerf thingy.


Very cool! Did you draw the zentangles? :grinning:


No, I bought them from creative market.


I can’t draw them either. :smile:
(They’re gonna love those.)


I’ve made a decent attempt at drawing them in the past on my iPad, but it’s much easier to find something from a good artist. I have a few of these zentangle doodle bundles on my machine, and decided to make something with them today. Lots of cool possibilities on the :glowforge:.


Well, they’re right out of my reach! I would never have the patience to do something like that.


Gosh, these are wonderful! They will love them.


Nice use of inlay. Assume you glued it in?

I was about to ask about finish but then saw that it’s PG, so never mind :slight_smile:


No glue was used. Tight fit. Considering that these are going to children, I might do something on the back side with some glue or something, as they may try and push out the inlay. Or, I can leave it and let them discover it themselves. It’s in there very good. 0.006" offset was perfect for these.


Turned out beautifully!


Oh, I love this! I really need to find a way to get more GF time that doesn’t involve recovering from major surgery. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Adding notebooks to my ever growing “to try this” list… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that what I have to do to sneak in more time?


It kinda works – but only in the in between part, where you’re recovered enough to actually be upright and doing stuff, but not enough to go back to work yet. So you still lose a lot of potential GF time actually having the surgery and working up to being upright again. It’s not ideal. (Also, it hurts!)


I just love the decisions as to what to cut out and what to keep. The color behind the cuts seems just perfect.

I LOVE places like Creative Market. Thank you artists!! I will gladly pay you for your hard work.