Exact size on web interface

Is there a assign an exact size for an artwork. Currently i just eyeball the size using the ruler on web interface. Even is i assign specific size in Adobe illustrater, once i import the svg file, the sizes change.

Your design program should make files that remain the same size in the GFUI.

This topic may help you.

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So what is the solution? Im not sure what you mean by " If we measure the vertical piece with only a few teeth, in Illustrator it’s 1.15x3.9… " . sorry i’m new to glowforge and illustrator in general.

Sorry, it is the second post from @Jules that should help you.

It has to do with your settings for saving an SVG. I use Inkscape, so I am not an Illustrator guy, but I do recall that this has been a constant source of frustration to folks new to designing in Illustrator.

If you think of a vector design program that can make objects that can scale perfectly in any viewable media. Something has to give it a reference scale to ensure that it remains true to the intended scale.

A design program has to think of scales in web browsers and many other display situations. Computer screens have pixels and one counts the pixels per inch. Some monitors have different pixels per inch. You can even set your display to resolve and image differently.

That is why you have to set the saved SVG with a specific reference size to ensure that the SVG is read correctly in the Glowforge user interface.


seems like unchecking the extra boxes when saving as svg file did the trick. Thanks you guys so much. You are awesome!


I’m glad you got the sizing issue resolved! Thank you @marmak3261 for the link to @Jules’ post. I’m going to close this thread for now, but if you have further questions @tshahoomian then feel free to start a new thread.

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