Exceptionally figured hardwood source

So I’ve been working with this guy, Derek Kimball, via eBay to see about getting some of his woods in laser-appropriate thickness. He’s a luthier supplier and has some truly exquisite pieces of figured/flame hardwoods. He finally posted the outcome, a bunch of bookmatched pairs of thin figured big leaf maple.

Here’s his ebay store:

He has a bunch more – but check the thicknesses carefully, mine was 0.18, but some are thicker/thinner. If you’re looking for some wood that will make a statement, look no further. This stuff is outstanding.

Edit: I made this with it


That stuff is gorgeous.


there are a bunch of matched set luthier quality wood sellers on ebay. i’m not sure my box making skills are quite ready for that kind of spend for materials yet, but it’s on my list to mess with.


That is gorgeous… can’t wait to see what you make with yours. :slight_smile:


I’ve struggled to find one who sells at the 1/8" - 3/16" range of thicknesses. You got any specific sellers that do?

Also great for inlay or anywhere you need to make an impact. I believe in you, man!

Definitely more expensive than the average piece of maple, but if I do the math…
The batch I bought is 2.8 square feet (2 boards at ~38x~5.5), which comes out to $17.75 per square foot, and most maple sources are around $6/square foot. So it’s about 3x as expensive as regular maple. I’m going to call that a fair uptick in price, given what you are getting.

Beautiful purchase.

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that i agree with. most of what you see is essentially thick veneer.

i believe in myself, too. but i’ve been out of action for nearly three months now, so i need to get back into practice with the cheap stuff first. fingers crossed that when i pick my new machine up from fedex tonight, i don’t hear the jangle of broken safety glass like last time.


Here is hoping you are forging up a storm again very soon.


I received my order. It’s absurd how cool it is, it looks like fabric.


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