Excessive charring

My Pro has recently developed excessive charring and actual burning of NPG plywood and MDF, both masked and unmasked. What can I do to prevent this? I have a show next week and need to make inventory. Thanks!

Address the basics first - clean all the fans and clean all of the optics. Cut a small design from the material you are having charring with. If it is still charring, cut something out of Proofgrade to see if the material may be the problem.


Thank you. You have always been helpful.

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When you clean the air assist (the one at the back side of the carriage plate) make sure to stick a pipe cleaner or qtip or something up the chute on the underside. It frequently gets clogged and that means not enough air will get to the point of laser contact, so frequently that’ll cause charring.


Good to know. Thanks

Also, if it is not cutting as deep as before you might have the lens upside down. “Cup side up” is the rule. MDF is the dirtiest stuff you can use and will give the most charring.


I haven’t moved the lens but I have been using a lot of MDF. Thanks for the info.