Excessive smoke coming into room during cuts

I am having excessive smoke in the room, when I go to cut a proofgrade wood. I replaced the tubes with brand new ones, cleaned the Gf inside and out, taped up everything and still excessive smoke in the room. I can’t even stay in the same room, it affects my throat and eyes. I am at a loss. It was never like this when I first got it. It only started happening when we carefully moved it from the garage to the house.

I am also getting a air filter error. I have cleaned it and put it back together as it originally was( took a pic at first before taking apart)

GF support is slow to assist, and just keeps giving me a copy of whats on their website. Please help as I am at my wits end and about to get rid of the machine.


Is your inline fan running in the correct direction and is the air filter toggled on?


Hi there - which air filter error does specifically are you getting, can you post a screen shot of it? Because what you have in your photo is an inline fan and not an air filter.

Another thing to check is the window you’re venting out of. I can’t quite see it well enough in your photo - is it a slider type? If so, it’s possible smoke is coming back in via the gap between the window panes. I have a piece of soft upholstery foam stuffed in mine.


HI, yes inline fan is pointing towards the window and I have it toggled on.

it just says something about removing magnets, so I am thinking the magnets I was using on this project interfered. So will remove those and see if it happens again.

The window is a slider, and we have it taped all around but I am going to look at the seals again. I tried cutting last night with the lights off to see if I can see where the smoke is coming out of, but didn’t see anything

Have a look at the exhaust fan grill on the back of the machine to see if is occluded. I discovered that needed maintenance when my shop was filling with smoke.
It is optimal to have your inline fan AT the window so the entire exhaust run is under negative pressure. Any of the run downstream of the fan is under pressure and will push smoke out of any leak.

It took me a while to get my very long exhaust run sealed, but in the 5 years I have owned this machine there is zero odor when it is running. I use an inline fan exclusively and have removed the stock exhaust fan.


from my photo does it look like I need to move my inline fan?

You double checked that the filter is toggled on?

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I do have it toggled on, but this verbiage from GF is a little confusing.

They are assuming you are using the built in exhaust fan. That is why they tell you to have the filter toggled off when venting outside. That allows the fan inside the GF to operate. Since you have an exterior exhaust fan you want that internal fan off so toggle it as though you are using a filter.


got it. thank you for clarifying. I do have it toggled on

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Check the point the sliding panel overlaps the fixed panel, it’s easy to overlook and there are no seals there.

Also - it’s best to put your inline fan at the end of the hose run, right before it goes out the window. That way any smoke is sucked through the hose and you minimize any places where it could get pushed into the room.


ok i will check and see if I can adjust the hose that is going out the window to make it shorter, thanks for the info.

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