Exhaust fan blade snapped off while cleaning

I was cleaning my exhaust fan and one of the blades snapped off. How do I go about getting a new one? I am in the middle of several orders for Christmas. Please help!!

Glowforge support will likely need to see a picture of it (to make sure it is the correct fan) and then they can make arrangements to get you fixed up. What model machine do you have and how did it break? Did you take it out of the machine to clean it?

I will upload pictures, I have the Pro. I do not know I was cleaning the fan and following the directions from the support page and my fan made a funny noise and the it stopped. I turned my machine off. I Did Not take it out of the machine to clean it.

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I would say that especially if you are exhausting out a window that you get an exterior exhaust fan as that can be delivered by Amazon quickly and you would have to send yours back with the turnaround time etc. I did this with a Vivosun 195 CFM fan and it works for light duty but not enough CFM for all. You cannot have too much CFM.

There has been a lot of discussion here…

You have a couple of choices…if you are still under warranty, I’d suggest letting Glowforge set you up with a replacement or send it in for repair. That means being without it for a while (no idea how long) but you will get a fully functioning machine back. You’ll have to refund the Christmas orders.

If you choose to just run an inline fan and get it repaired later, you might be out of warranty, and will have to pay for the repairs.

Or you can purchase and run an inline fan. Many people do. If at any time in the future you have to send your machine back in for any other issue, they will additionally repair the fan and you will pay for the repairs at that time. (They are required to send out fully functional machines from a legal standpoint, so they will likely have to replace that fan.)

With a Pro unit you are probably still under warranty…I’d seriously consider option 1. You’re going to lose a few sales, but you won’t get an opportunity to get the broken fan repaired at no cost to you again.

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I am still under warranty, I have only had my Pro since August. Can I run an inline fan without voiding the warranty?

I don’t see how that could void it because it’s not a modification to the machine, but if you do damage to the machine while using it, that damage might not be covered for free repair under the warranty.

(Having said that, as long as you do not accidentally set fire to anything while you are using it, you’re probably okay. If you’re going to try one, make extra sure you are paying attention to the cuts you are running. Don’t leave the machine running unattended. Pause it if you have to.)


Need to aim for roughly 200 CFM or higher. Lots of people have done this. :mag: search up inline fan to check some discussions out about them.

@maelynn92, I see you also emailed us about this and we’ve sent you a response there. To avoid duplicate communication I’m going to close this topic.