Exhaust Fan Blades Came Off

While cleaning the exhaust fan as directed, at least one of the exhaust fan blades came off and flew into the machine. I don’t know if there are more blades damage or broken, I can’t get in there due to the Heat Sink on the Pro in front of the fan.

I intend to use an external fan as the inline doesn’t seem to pull as much air as I’d like. I do, however, wish to maintain my warranty. Can you please tell me what do to next? I did send an email to support but have not heard back.


That bites :frowning:

You should have received an automatic response within moments of sending your email - if you didn’t check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it - you should update your post stating that.
Support generally takes about 1 business day to first respond with substantive information.
Presuming your message got to them and you got their auto-response, then this has opened a duplicate ticket. They will respond here that they are closing this thread and will then respond to you via email.


I should say I submitted an ticket through the support page, I didn’t actually send an email, but being in IT, I think it’s probably the same thing.
Thanks for your message!

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Yeah - same thing :slight_smile: As long as you got your auto-response you should be good!

No auto response yet, so maybe this will be the ticket.

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Hello Eric, Please follow up in email. Thank you,