Exhaust fan broken

Yesterday my fan started making a loud vibrating sound and it wasn’t cutting through materials all the way. I cleaned it and the problem persisted. I turned it off to deal with it today. Today I was having the same issue, only it’s gotten worse. I reset the glowforge and during the first cut it made a loud pop and the fan stopped. Opened it up to find a broken fan blade laying there.

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That’s going to have to be replaced, and AFAIK that always requires a trip back to the mothership :frowning: Presuming you’re out of warranty they’re likely to offer you a refurbished replacement (fastest/flat price) or a return-and-repair (unknown time/price).

{Hugs} that bites.


Many folks have added high volume external in-line fans that are much quieter and quit using the regular fan at all. If you are still under warranty you might want to go for the replacement but ~$100 for a fan would be cheaper and faster, and much quieter, if you are out of warranty.

I have a Vivo 195 CFM that is inadequate for smokey cuts but the bigger fans usually have 6" hoses that need to be compensated for. A bit of searching for in-line fans will find all sorts of discussions about brands prices and systems,


^^ Seriously, the noise reduction is dramatic.


Can vouch for the improvement that comes with using a Vivo inline fan. Not just noise reduction but also smell reduction and cleaner engravings because the smoke doesn’t last long enough to stain.


I ordered an Infinity cloudline s6 fan yesterday because I figured it would be faster than waiting on a response, parts, replacement, etc. But I still have two months of warranty so I’d like to have it fixed. Hopefully it gets solved sooner rather than later.

Hello @kml9491,

I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and I’ve just sent a response to you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and will continue working with you over email.