Exhaust port exact location?

It’s getting CLOSER! In preparation, I need to cut a hole to accommodate the exhaust port… can anyone tell me the specific measurements from the end and bottom of the forge to the edge of the port? Thanks!

It’s pretty much all the way to the left rear.

If you’re needing super exact measurements, I’d caution you that the exhaust system is highly analog. If you shoot for precision, it’ll be really hard to get everything to line up. I wouldn’t design anything that doesn’t have at least an inch of play.

That being said, I’ll go grab a ruler and get it to “pretty close” for you. Hang on.

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Near as I can tell, it’s 3/4" off the table top and 2" in from the left edge of the GF. It’s a flange for a 4" dryer vent hose, I don’t know the exact dimensions of that, but probably the hose or the flange is 4" exactly, not both.

If you’re considering where to cut a hole, bear in mind that if you have a pro vs if you have a basic might impact your decision. I’d try not to “cross” the machine with the hose if you have a pro, meaning I’d keep the hose and vent to the left of the machine. That way you won’t ever have a hose in your way on the slot.

Anyway, I think trying to get this too exact will be way more trouble than it’s worth, but that’s up to you. Have fun with your project!


Evansd2 to the rescue again! Thank you.

Thanks for the help @evansd2. I’m going to close this thread. @ryan_haskell If you have additional questions, go ahead and post a new topic.

We can’t wait to see what you make with your Glowforge!