Expensive Paperweight

Wow, cloud control of printing is a great way to waste my time and money and frustrate lots of people.

Is there a specific problem that you are having?

Yes, it keeps cycling Offline / Calibrating. Have also noticed it keeps disconnecting from my Asus Router even though it has 140+Mbps connection. It’s like it’s just turning the connection off. It’s so annoying not having any idea what the GF is doing at any point. Have just found a post about downloading the log, so am going to give that a go. I am a technician/coder by trade and have over 30 years experience which makes the interface’s habit of keeping you in the dark so frustrating.


I just did a reboot of my wifi router, didn’t touch the GF, and it finally allowed me to print!
So in future I will just reboot the wifi each time before I start trying to print!

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Not likely to be a time saver. If my computer hiccups the easy fix is to reboot it. If it isn’t having a problem at that moment then rebooting is only going to waste time. You can see the status of your GF connection on the app. Also you can refresh the bed image or just lift and close the lid to make sure everything is communicating.

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Sorry but it is a TIME SAVER when all you keep getting is offline/calibrating!
The GF is the issue as it seems to decide it will not keep active communications with the router, resetting the router seems to give the GF what it wants. I must add though that no other device I have (>10 devices) has this issue, it is only the GF.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry you were having trouble with your connection. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.